Professional GPS fleet management system


GPS equipment + installation + Standard software license for 1 year
Only 134 Euro / Vehicle

Since 2002, SAS Group SRL has become the largest supplier and the sole manufacturer of GPS fleet monitoring systems in Romania.
Besides the classic GPS tracking of vehicles, we guarantee a minimum 20% logistics and transportation costs cut, along with an increase of at least 30% of the supplies made by the same car fleet.
After implementing the SAS Group GPS system, you will eliminate the unnecessary stops, the deviations from predetermined routes, the trips made solely in the personal interest of the drivers and the excessive fuel consumption, generated either by driving aggressively or thefts.

NEW! The non-invasive ultrasonic probe for reading fuel level in the tank- does not perforate the tank. It accurately reads the fuel level in the tank. Details...
LAST HOUR! The driving behavior of your drivers based on the average acceleration and braking on 100 km, urban and between cities. Results in the form of tops: last 20 positions in the consume
20% more fuel!
Other products ! Locating personal vehicles, monitoring people, mobile and fixed assets (machinery, trailers, etc) .. and free software! Details...